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Recently, it was discovered that Huawei's mobile phone is significantly faster than Xiaomi

Recently, I suddenly discovered that Huawei's mobile phone turned on the camera significantly faster than Xiaomi!

I haven't found it before, because I have always used Xiaomi, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. It has been used for almost two years, and there is no bad feeling.

It's just that I used my wife's Huawei when I bought something to scan the code recently.After a few times, I found that Huawei's camera scan code and recognition is obviously better than Xiaomi's!

However, these are two different algebraic processing, a little difference is estimated to be relatively normal, but I did not expect Huawei's camera to open so fast, it is indeed amazing.

Especially when queuing to buy things to pay, hehe, obviously faster!